U-Blast Marketing

Current Situation


• Struggling to keep up with new technologies

  1.  No longer just Newspaper, TV/Radio and Yellow Pages
  2.  Now Social Media, Mobile Marketing, OTT etc…

• Demanding more knowledgeable and skilled sales reps

• Looking for sales reps that they can trust and will bring them innovative solutions to make their lives easier


What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing? Email Marketing lets you reach your ideal audience directly —right on their phones, computers, tablets or wrists!

• Email Marketing is a cost efficient, powerful tool to promote your client’s products, services, and brands by sending their ads to targeted email lists.

Why Use Email Marketing / Benefits of Email Marketing

1. Cost Efficient
• Email had a median ROI of 122%
• More than four times higher than other formats examined, including:
✓ Social Media
✓ Direct Mail
✓ Paid Search
✓ Online display

2. Targeted

• Right Messages to the Right Audience

• You can build lists which can be segmented by:

✓ Location

✓ Age

✓ Gender

✓ Marital status

✓ Income

✓ Interests

✓ ….and more

Multi Screen Family

Checking email is a complementary activity. People do it while watching TV (69%), in bed (57%), and on vacation (79%). Bonus points if you’re looking at the 1 Crew ad while doing all three!
Source: adobe 2016 77% of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages via email (versus direct mail, text, phone or social media)

Source: ExactTarget 2017

3. Measurable and Track-able

• In-depth analytics and tracking tools

✓ Who has opened your email

✓ What specific links have been clicked

✓ Track site traffic through Google Analytics

4. Cost Efficient

• Email Marketing is a cost efficient way to reach a targeted audience

5. Interactive and Versatile

• From one email you can….

✓ Forward your email to friends

✓ Click on your links to view more information

✓ Add products/services to shopping cart

✓ Visit and read your Blogs

6. Still the Most “Businessy” Medium

• When it comes to building business relationships, the best medium is still email

• People check their email multiple times an hour and on multiple devices

7. Volume of Users

• Email tops the list of active accounts and users, with nearly three times the amount of users than Facebook and Twitter combined. That’s an enormous 2.9 billion users!

Where does the data come from?

Our Database is the most comprehensive in the marketplace today. It contains close to 750 available targets and 140 million emails with matching postal records.

1. We aggregate data through websites that we own and manage including:

✓ Survey and Sweepstake sites

✓ 3rd Party Data Sources

✓ 100% opt-in data

✓ 5+ million pieces of fresh data per month

✓ 140+ million consumer and business emails with time stamps and URL to verify recipients consent

Is it safe and reliable?

Data Hygiene is important! We promote a safe email marketing environment with the highest possible sending reputation.

2. We remove invalid email addresses to start your campaign with a clean validated list

✓ We ensure – deliverable email addresses

✓ We clean the data internally as well as use secondary partners

✓ Real-time scanning technology that constantly monitors to remove invalid and / or dormant email addresses

✓ 100% CAN-Spam, and DMA compliant to ensure delivery to quality email recipients