Why not, with these statistics, why will you not be amazed with the power video marketing has for businesses?

• An avid user of the Internet spends 88% more time browsing through a website that has video (Mist Media).

• 92% of mobile users who watch videos on their phones at least share the videos they watch to other people (Invodo).

• Landing pages with videos embedded gives way to an increase in conversion rate by 80% (Unbounce).

• 64% of online viewers are more likely to decide to buy a certain product when they have watched a video about it (comScore).

• A short video can actually sum up 1.8 million words of marketing (Forrester Research).

Online consumers usually go online to unwind and to rest from a day’s work. Usually, they wouldn’t want to go reading lengthy articles online. They want stories that are ready to be told, as passive viewers as they are. Marketing videos about your products and services will definitely be reposted, shared and retweeted no matter how short or long it is, as long as it is created and produced beautifully.

This is where MVP WebServices is an expert at. We have created countless marketing videos personal and unique to what each our business client offers. We can provide you with high quality videos intended for your target market and we will be responsible in directly distributing the videos right at the online doorsteps of your prospect clients. With MVP WebServices, you are assured that a reliable and fresh creative team will be hands on in coming up with the latest innovations in the world of video marketing. After all, video marketing has just risen and it will continue to make waves in the years to come.

What Is Video Marketing?

Simply put, video marketing is the use of moving images taken by a video recorder to creatively tell a story, to engagingly promote a product or a service of a particular company and, for the lack of a better term, to sell. Through the years, small to large businesses have realized the potential of video—both informative and entertaining—as an effective marketing strategy to entice online consumers. More and more companies are already including video marketing in their online strategies to maximize the power of images.

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